Rangers Ballpark - A Fan's Review (8/21/09)

Rangers Ballpark In Arlington is the home of the American League Central Texas Rangers.

At the outset, let me say that I am not a big fan of ballparks located in the "suburbs". At its core, baseball belongs in downtown major league cities in neighborhoods (think Boston, Yankee Stadium, Wrigley etc.). Situated adjacent to the new home of the Dallas Cowboys and across the street from Six Flags Over Texas, Rangers Ballpark easily gets lost in all the hoopla and congestion.

Having said that, the ballpark itself is clean and efficient. Parking is ample, restroom are plentiful, and menu choices offer a wide variety of flavors and ethnic diverstity. Then again, these elements should be givens in any new ballpark. What's missing though is a "feel" - that something that stays with you and makes you remember the ballpark.

It appears that the Rangers attempted to give a "signature" to the ballpark with the throwback seating area in right field. And they did - complete with wide steel poles that offer only obstructed views for fans sitting here. I'm afraid that too often that's what happens when a recreation of an "old ballpark" is attempted.

My views on this ballpark are summed up in a sign I noticed as I entered the main seating area from the field level concourse. The sign read - "No Smoking In The Seating Bowl". And I said to myself - do they mean the Cotton Bowl? - I thought this was a ballpark. In sum, there's nothing really wrong with this ballpark - you can enjoy a game there - it's just that there's nothing really right with the "feel" of it. At least for me.

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Steve Contursi
Ghent, NY
August 21, 2009