Knights Stadium - A Fan's Review (7/25/09)

Knights Stadium is the home of the Charlotte Knights, the AAA affiliate of the Chicago White Sox.

Let's begin with the positive. Knights Stadium represents an excellent family entertainment value. Take the kids there.......prices are reasonable as they are at all minor league ballparks. Plus, there are many diversions for kids who get "antsy" in their seats. Right field is almost a carnival of activity. And there's a huge grassy knoll that kids seem to wallow in running up and down expending all that restless energy. Add to that clean restrooms, friendly and courteous staff and "reasonable" ballpark prices at the food stands and you have the recipe for a family night out without breaking the bank.

Now, my question is what does any of this have to do with Charlotte Knights Baseball? Are we building baseball fans of the future - or are we merely offering an alternate form of family entertainment in the Charlotte metroplex (Note: The ballpark is actually located in South Carolina).

The thing is my mind three months later.......I am unable to remember a single "signature" view (think the Blue Monster in Durham...the Green Monster at Fenway, ivy at Wrigley, Monument Park in New York.....and so on.

And so, the experience of attending a game here was satisfying....but it was certainly not a memorable one. Nothing bad..........but also nothing really GOOD!

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Steve Contursi
Ghent, NY
September 15, 2009