Turner Field - A Fan's Review (8/23/09)

Turner Field is the home of the National League East Atlanta Braves.

At the outset, it is important to note that Turner Field was not built for the Altanta Braves baseball team. Instead, it was built as an all purpose venue for the 1996 Summer Olympics. Accordingly, the ballpark reflects its basic purpose. And when you consider the grand sized ego of Ted Turner, it follows that he too cannot be proud of hosting his baseball team in this facility.

Mind you, there's nothing really wrong with Turner Field. But having said that, I challenge anyone to point to its "signature" (think Green Monster, Ivy, Monument Park, etc.) - for there is none. Essentially, it's a pedestrian baseball venue that is overshadowed by numerous ballparks across America.

Concourses are dark and dreary - and narrow. Parking is good though and the ballpark's location is a plus too just off the Interstate. Menu choices are the standard ballpark fare. Ushers are a big plus - they're loaded with personality and chock full of stories if you ask them. Sky Field in the left field is a good outlet for kids who get restless in their seats.

The exterior of the ballpark is better than the interior and do take time to absorb the rich culture and history of the Braves - one that extends from Boston to Milwaukee before it lands in Atlanta. Scultures commemorate Brave greats and they are lifelike in form.

In sum, I wouldn't put Turner Field at the top of your list for ballparks you must visit. But if you find yourself in Atlanta for its other attractions (Coca Cola - CNN tours, Peach Tree Street), a trip to Turner Field should be on your itinerary - if only because the Braves continually put a quality baseball product on the field.

Ted, if you're listening..........do something about this!

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Steve Contursi
Ghent, NY
August 23, 2009