Wrigley Field Chicago IL

A Fan's Review

Wrigley Field is the home of the National League Central Chicago Cubs. To me, Wrigley is part of the "Holy Trinity" of baseball - Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, and the one I've been waiting a good long while to witness the third - Wrigley Field.

In a few words - awesome - spectacular - a "Mecca of Baseball".

To begin, Wrigley is located in a neighborhood. This is not to be underestimated. Bars and restaurants line nearby streets and it's all tied to one thing - The Cubs! This makes for a genuine baseball experience.

The ballpark itself is a picture painting with blends of green and brown that are unmatched - together with the sea of blue in Cub fan's dress.

It's intimate - small by today's standards - quaint if you will - charming - pick your adjective - they all apply.

To be sure - it has its downsides - but before I mention them - let me say that together they are all outweighed by the upsides. Concourses are narrow and they can become easily congested. Parking is very limited and costs more than the price of a ticket. A few seats are obstructed by poles and metal beams (ask before you purchase tickets).

I believe it's unfair to "rate" ballparks in a comparative way (better than Yankees Stadium - Fenway - etc?) - let's just say that Wrigley Field is a ballpark you do NOT want to miss seeing.

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